SlickSilver Release Notes

Version 1.1 “Ralph” – Released on November 2nd, 2013

This release is named after the first kid character you hear in the first episode of Adventures in Odyssey. Included in this update are several minor fixes including visual fixes on the posting pages.

We also figured out how to display items on your profile shelf. You just have to use the shop section of the UCP to select which items you want displayed. No items are shown by default.


  • Cleaned up the shop selling page in the UCP.
  • Cleaned up topic review on posting pages.
  • Cleaned up post preview on posting pages.
  • Added space above “reason for editing” on posting pages.
  • Widened sub-menus on the toolbar.


  • Fixed option in UCP shop inventory list to display items on profile shelf.


  • Added “view first unread” link to topic lists.
  • Added “view unread posts” button to options menu on the toolbar.
  • Added unread indicator to posts.
  • Added style version indicator to the footer.
  • Added new social icons to toolbar buttons.


  • Removed social sharing links for now.


Version 1.0 “1987” – Released on November 1st, 2013

Original release with the new Campbell County. The name of this release comes from the year that Adventures in Odyssey first aired.

SlickSilver is only available in Orange at this point. Other colours will be added in the coming months.